Guest Reviews

Dear K & Leonard First and foremost, I feel that I’ve gained  two new friends. Secondly, I have had a wonderful time here at Moments. You  have created a “divine” space. K – Thanks for restoring my water confidence, something I did not know I had lost. Trust me I will be back to Tobago and to Moments.

- Karen

Thank you for your warm hospitality. Your guest  house is stunning – absolutely beautiful!. We enjoyed our stay and our chats.


- Bruce & Sue, Ontario, Canada

Kay & Leonard’s Dream Vision Imagine… High on a promontory overlooking the ocean stands a sturdy columned house – its front open to an  endless sweep of undulating sea and ever changing sky… Its wide sun drenched patio permits you to drift weightlessly in its crystal clear pool, rock gently in its soft woven hammock. You are welcome… To slow your doing and pause a while to soak in the wondrous cycling of clouds, sun, stars and wind as they  play over, above and around you. Here has been created a place out of time – a  magical space to sit in silence as you watch the dome of heaven turn.

I give grateful & everlasting thanks.

- Amaramaru

Dear Leonard, (and K in abstention) Thank you for all your  wonderful gifts, exquisite surroundings and a respite that was infused with  generosity, joy and wisdom. So many unique and special touches inside the walls  of “Moments” have K’s creative touch all over them. And the sturdy,  grounded and determined structure is also the embodiment of Leonard’s spirit.  We enjoyed all the assets and will take the fleeting but incredible moments  with us in our memory.

- Gwen (with Jim, Charles, and Paula)